Protecting the Upper Oconee Watershed through monitoring,
education, advocacy, and recreation

Who to call list

Spotted something out of the ordinary on a stream, river, or pond in Athens-Clarke County?  Consult UOWN’s Who-to-Call List to find out who to notify.  Includes important state level contacts.

Here is an equivalent list for Oconee County.

Oconee River Watershed:

Broad River Watershed:

Statewide Watershed Protection, Outreach & Advocacy:

Other Athens-area Environmental Organizations:

Recreational Activities on the Water:

Remember ACC Stormwater

Just a little reminder what a positive step toward protecting water quality is represented by Athens-Clarke County’s Stormwater Utility.  Go check out their public outreach materials, including instructions on installing your own rain garden and making rain barrels, information on non-toxic household cleaners, and plans for stormwater improvement projects in the county.

Check out the Georgia Water Wire

A blog written by Georgia River Network.  The blog is updated every couple of days, and tracks news from around the state concerning water issues.  Right now the ramifications from the recent Lake Lanier court decision are on everyone’s mind, and the Water Wire should help those of us in the Oconee basin understand what the decision means for our watershed.  Read it here.